Getting Certified as a Scrum Master® (CSM®)

Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) certifications are among the most popular and globally recognized certifications from the reputable Scrum Alliance. In order to qualify for CSM® certification, individuals need to complete CSM® training and pass the CSM® examination proving their expertise in Scrum terminology, practices, and principles. Developing a strong foundation in scrum practices and agile development through CSM® will provide better and greater job opportunities. Various professionals such as product owners, software architects, developers, testers, coders, etc., are interested in this CSM® certification.

Qualifications for The CSM® Exam:

  • Getting Certified

Obtaining at least one certification – if not several, at different levels and in different organizations – is ideal if you want to build a career as a Scrum master. Agile project managers require certification if they want – or need – to work in the field. Scrum Master training is most useful if you look around your company to find out what areas are interested in starting Scrum. The candidate must complete a two-day CSM® course and pass an online exam after completing the course. Those who take this training will be exam-ready after a certain amount of dedicated self-study.

  • Training Centres Authorized By CSTs

CSM® certification training can only be imparted by CSTs or Certified Scrum Trainers.  A CST is a senior professional within the Scrum community who has attained this status only after a rigorous evaluation process by the Scrum Alliance.

  • Examination Format For CSM®

You need to write 24 or more correct answers to pass the certified scrum master exam, which consists of 35 multiple-choice questions. It is only possible to take the exam after you have completed two days of training.  Each test lasts approximately one hour. The test can be paused, re-started or broken up as many times as needed. There is also the option of skipping questions and bookmarking them to review later. Throughout the test, the option to go back is always available. The bookmarked questions can be reviewed at the end of the test, and your answers can be scored. If you have left any questions unanswered, a warning message may appear after clicking the submit button. You will see the results immediately.


Those who fail the CSM® exam on their first try may retake it within 60 days after completing the CSM® course. You may retake it as soon as the course is completed. Nevertheless, if you do not pass the exam on your second attempt as well, Scrum Alliance will require a $25 exam fee. Taking the CSM® training course again if one has failed three times is recommended by Scrum Alliance. Upon registering for the course, Scrum Alliance will email you the login information. Scrum Alliance’s website offers an online evaluation that is free and ungraded. The certificate will be available for download and printing directly from the Scrum Alliance website once you have submitted the online evaluation and agreed to the terms and conditions. When you have completed the license agreement, you will need to complete your membership profile with the Scrum Alliance.

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