Deepfake: The New Threat and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Fake news’ introduction of the so-called ‘deepfake,’ however, seems to keep us on our toes even more. And how can we avoid falling victim to one?

The pinnacle of manipulation

The individual in the video has been replaced by someone else, usually a celebrity or politician, in a deepfake. They tend to be quite lifelike, making it difficult to tell when something isn’t genuine. According to reports, Tom Cruise was recently the subject of a crime scene investigation described as “the most realistic ever.” AI also allegedly’showed’ US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a bikini.

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Worst of all, non-consensual deepfake porn is at an all-time high because to deepfake, and it’s mostly directed at women. It was found that the messaging service Telegram had been exploited to leak tens of thousands of non-consensual nude photographs of women – including underage minors – by a deepfake monitoring business in 2020. 

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Is this thing real or is it a hoax?

A novice deepfake is simple to spot because of the video’s shaky edges, distorted audio, or overall artificial appearance. It’ll be considerably difficult to detect and may even need machines or digital forensics to identify a convincing deepfake — one built using neural networks. This is the crux of the problem: how will the victim know whether it’s true if it seems so convincingly?

An increase in the danger

Apps like Fakeapp, which allow anybody with basic computing abilities to make a deepfake, have been more popular in the previous several years. Another well-known example is Faceswap, which, as the name implies, allows users to change the appearance of another person.

App developers promote their products as a lighthearted and entertaining way to pass the time, and for the most part, that is precisely what they provide. Even yet, malevolent users have the capacity to do a lot of damage.

As the tools for making these movies become more widely available and the results more lifelike, the danger grows. Celebrities and influencers may be targeted first, but this is now a legitimate worry for any women whose photographs are in the public domain. We can protect you from الديب فيك very easily.

Preventing and detecting disease

But here’s the catch: recognising deepfakes is still tough, despite efforts by certain tech firms to build tools that can detect modified information.

Deepfakes are also illegal, although the specifics of the legislation are hazy. The biggest problem is on who owns the images and what kind of rights they have. If a photograph is in the public domain in the UK, suing to protect it becomes far more difficult.

It’s also critical to consider the image’s content. There isn’t much defamation in the AOC example, but there is with Tom Cruise – and the victim has to decide whether or not their livelihood will be harmed by the deepfake and if they wish to pursue legal action.

According to the UK’s Domestic Abuse Act, persons who threaten to “disclose personal photos with the aim to cause distress” face a term of up to two years in prison.

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