The price of used cars has hit a new high. If you want to sell cars, pay attention to these 5 points to help you sell them at a good price.

As the price of used cars hits a record high, for those who want to sell cars, this may be the best time to sell or trade used cars. Here are 5 ways to ensure the best price when selling a car. 

1. Don’t insist

Autotrader executive editor Kew Hoong said that although some lucky people sell their cars at higher prices than they bought a year ago, this is still an exception rather than a common situation; so don’t expect to get a fortune from an old car. Huge windfall.

A 2004 Ford Escape parked in your driveway won’t make you a lot of money, even if it’s worth a little more than a year ago; the real price increase is the newer model. According to Edmunds, the retail price of a car with a car age of 5 years or less has risen by an average of about RM2000 to RM4,000 or more, depending on the age of the car. The retail price of a 9-year-old car rose by RM1000 to RM3,000.

2. Have a car swap plan

Make sure that you have found an affordable vehicle, or have decided that you do not need to replace it. Just as it is difficult for some home sellers to find a new car, before selling an existing car, decide what car they will drive. The supply of new and second-hand cars is tight, which is the main reason why the prices of both of them hit record highs. If you decide to change the model of car check the car like cam placer x reasonable price RM86,800 at platform. 


3. Sell your own car

One way to maximize the price is to sell the car yourself. In this way, retail prices can be obtained instead of trade-in prices that usually reflect wholesale pricing. But Hoong said that this requires time and effort, and the risk of being involved in a scam may increase. Selling a car to a car dealer is a legitimate business and will not let you get a fake check or other fraudulent behaviors. And check dealers at online platforms like for selling or buying a used car at reasonable prices.


4. Compare prices before selling the car

If you plan to sell your car to a dealer, whether it is through trade-in, retiring the leased car, or selling it directly, you can compare prices in the same way as when you bought the car. Dealers are now eager to create a used car inventory, and some dealers even advertise to buy cars instead of just selling cars. In view of this battle, the quotations obtained from different dealers for the same car may be different. Some dealers may be more willing to ignore scratches, dents, or stains on the car than others.


5. Buy the car after the lease ends instead of withdrawing the lease

When it comes to retiring a leased vehicle, this may not be the best time to do so. Almost all leased vehicles have a fixed price in the contract, which can be purchased at the end of the lease. At the beginning of the lease, the price is determined based on the expected value. But the rapid increase in the value of used cars means that the price is likely to be much lower than the current market price. With this in mind, it might make more sense to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease and then sell it yourself for profit.

Hoong warned that some states do not allow individuals to purchase a car and intend to sell it immediately unless they hold a dealer’s license. But these laws are usually made to discourage large-scale sellers, and for individuals buying and selling a car, this is usually not a problem. But before agreeing to buy a car after the lease ends, please confirm with the dealer where you want to sell the car to ensure that there will be no problems in selling the car immediately after obtaining ownership of the car.  postblogger 


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