How To Draw The Tundra, The Flora And Fauna

How To Draw The Tundra

Before you draw the tundra, it is necessary to know what is there flora and fauna are. Then it would assist if you decided what time of year you will reflect in his artistic creation. Then you can start to create a masterpiece.


Winter is long: there is snow for six months, the cold reaches -50 degrees. Summer – short. Not all animals and plants can adapt to such conditions. Summer soil thaws only 1 meter deep. Strong winds blow, tall trees do not grow the same, and not all will take such cold weather. The conditions have adapted stocky low shrubs and few flowers.

From the plants on the canvas, you can draw Ledum, dryad, heather – the flowers bloom in spring in all its glory. If you choose to create an autumn landscape, remove fruiting cloudberry, blueberries, boletus. You can represent dwarf birch, willow hairy.

Animals (fox, reindeer) and birds in this area (snowy owl, peregrine falcon, snow bunting, gaga) can also take their lawful place in the landscape.

That’s all you require to know before you draw a tundra. Now you can choose exactly which species of flora and fauna will be on the canvas.


It’s time to start the markup sheet. Please place it in front of you, about the middle of a horizontal line. Above this length, place the mount. It’s not too steep. You can leave a painted cover only in pencil or white and light blue paint in unfamiliar places.

Over the hills reaches the sky is almost the same color. To shade things a bit differently, use a black, blue dye to color the sky.

The upper part of the picture is ready. What do you need to draw on the tundra? Prorisovyvaniyu heads to the bottom of the side sheet. Plain-coated moss thickets. Between the creeping shrub of this plant street rosemary. The bright pink flower consists of five petals, which are locating in the middle of seven stamens.

Suppose you do not want to create such small details, photograph blooming rhododendron hats in the form of small islands alternated with green moss that covers the remaining spaces of the plains.

On the right side of the canvas grazing deer. Draw rectangular, horizontally discarded body, four thin legs, nose pointed snout, ears, and branched horns.

Hereabouts how to draw a tundra in northern spring.


If you want to draw a piece of this harsh region quickly, note the following picture. It will tell you how to draw a pencil tundra stage is easy.

Unlike in the first example, in this case, do not draw a horizontal and slightly sloping line. Let it be raised slightly from left to right. You recreate on the canvas foot of the mountain.

His left slope of the draw is parallel to the foot, right from the top a little lower down. This canvas shows that summer has come into itself. So the mountains, draw a few circles and ovals. Irregular shapes are the remaining snow islands that are about to melt.

Down in the Arabah, among the rough grass, grew some Dryads flowers. Petals of the plant white-yellow core. If you want to draw with a pencil, cover the seats with thick strokes. Between the low bushes Dryads, you can remove a few pebbles.

Here’s how to create a pencil drawing ideas stage. Tundra can be obtained during snow melting, while in the valley formed by the cascade of puddles. You can draw a river or small lake section, although it is floating on the Eider.


Draw a horizontal line on a small surface. It is the lower part of the eider body that sways in waves. Next, draw on the line segment number “2” short “neck.” This is a schematic representation of the head and upper torso of a duck. Draw his elongated nose, lump on the front side, small squinting eyes, wings, which pressed to the side.

If you want the bird depicted in color, follow the prompts in the picture, leave him goiter white germination make orange beak red. The area under the eyes of the paint is green, over the gray, and the body and wings are made black.

Here’s how you can draw the tundra, nature, and inhabitants.

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