10 Tips To learn Sura Fast Online Quran Academy

Learning anything requires patience and hard work. Sometimes you can online quran academy something in a minimum of time, but it depends on what you are learning. Learning and remembering something becomes more difficult if it is not in your mother tongue. This is one of the reasons why students find it difficult to memorise the Qur’an. They can’t memorise verses quickly.

As a result, some students give up their dreams online quran academy of becoming a Hafiz. But you are not one of them, are you? We share with you some amazing tips on how to recite the Sura quickly. These tips are very useful and they will make memorizing Quranic suras easier.
Without further ado, let’s explore how to memorize Surahs quickly.

1) Learning in a short time

The best way to learn the online quran academy is to concentrate on it for a short period of time. Lessons lasting several hours can have a negative effect and you will feel exhausted. As a result, you will not be able to study effectively and retain the Surah in your memory for a long time.

Some recommend 20-30 minutes for an online quran academysession, while others recommend 30-50 minutes for effective study. Quran Training offers online 30-45 minute Quran memorization courses for students to memorize the Sura so that students do not get tired.

For more information, please visit the How to memories Sura Yassin online page.

2) Pretend you are teaching someone else.

According to medical experts, we remember 10% of what we read and 70% of what is said or discussed. With this in mind, it’s best if you say what you’re reading.

Let’s say you are reciting scripture in front of others online quran academy. This will help you to remember the verses quickly. Not only that, but you will also be able to remember them for longer.
3) Read out loud the verses you want to memorize.

Whispering only seems to make more sense than reading verses aloud. However, when it comes to memorizing the Sura, you need to repeat them out loud.

According to experts, reading out loud is a more powerful mechanism for memory enhancement and retention than reading silently or thinking.

You may think that mental practice is a good thing. But rehearsing aloud is even better. But remember, don’t be too loud so that others don’t disturb you.

4) Break memorization into parts.

It is not a good idea to push yourself to extremes when memorising the Quran. Instead of studying and reciting for hours on end, divide your study sessions into different time slots.
If you recite the surah, do it early in the morning. When you start to feel tired, stop studying and take a break. After a while, resume reciting again. You will feel your recitation speed increase.

5) Don’t try to finish Hifuz overnight.

This is one of the most common mistakes, especially among beginners. They recklessly try to complete the recitation of the surah overnight. There are two main reasons why you should not rush to recite the Qur’an overnight.

Firstly, the chapter can be long and memorizing it can take time. In this case, you may get frustrated and give up, thinking that you cannot memorise it. Secondly, you may have memorized the verses but soon forget them because you have to read them in full.

Therefore, you should not try to memories the chapters overnight. Take the time to recite them so that you never forget them.

6) Sleep more

Most of the memory consolidation process takes place during sleep. That’s why even short naps can improve your memory. If you can’t remember anything, try taking a break to improve your memory. This will greatly improve the speed at which you can recite a surah.

7) Keep checking so you don’t forget.

In memorising the Quran, revision is very important. Most people have difficulty keeping up with memorized verses. The reason for this is that they do not pay attention to revision.

Read more about how to memorize the Quran and never forget it.

Remember that it is almost impossible to retain memorized verses if you do not go through them. If you want to know how to memorize the Quran quickly, don’t just memorize new verses. Take a day to review what you have already memorized.

8) Take care of your diet

You may find several blogs asking for tips on becoming a hafiz. No doubt some of them offer amazing tips, but most of them forget the most important tip of all: eating right.

When it comes to memorization, you need to improve your memory. To improve your memory, you should watch what you eat. Eat foods that help improve your memory Online Female Quran Teacher.

This way you will notice a significant increase in the speed of your memory.

9) Find an isolated corner

Reading the Quran requires a quiet environment for effective study. Remembering verses of the Quran can be very challenging. It is one of the biggest challenges for madrasah students, as they have to study with many other students.

If you want to know how to memorise the surah quickly, find a deserted corner of your home. Once you find it, you can study the Qur’an there in peace.

10) Take an online Quran memorization course.

All the above tips may not yield fruitful results if you do not have a qualified Quran teacher to help you learn the Quran. You need proper guidance in memorizing the verses of the Quran.

For this, you should opt for Quran memorization course online. quran schooling is here to help you Hifz Quran at the most affordable prices. we even offer free Quran memorization course online for the first week.

Just contact us and let us know what kind of package Online Female Quran Teacher you want, and our Quran expert teachers will help you recite any surah you want.


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