How to Write an SEO Friendly Post [ 9 Proven Tips ]

In this post we will talk about how we can achieve Organic Traffic, More Revenue and more Social Sharing on our website by writing SEO friendly posts.

If you are new in the field of blogging and want to know the best techniques to write SEO Friendly posts, then you can read this post till the end.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you 9 proven techniques of writing SEO friendly posts.

Which will increase the traffic of your blog as well as the ranking and revenue of your website will also increase.

So  Let’s start:

How to Write an SEO Friendly Post


SEO Friendly Post #1. Know your audience

Before sitting down to write SEO Friendly Post… it is very important for you to know who your audience is and for whom you are writing.

So before knowing your audience, find your competitors.

As soon as you are successful in finding competitors, you will also get to know who your audience is.

Now, you must have felt somewhere that finding a competitor is a very difficult task.

You can apply 2 methods to find the competitor:

  1. Keywords research tool
  2. [SERP] Search Engine Result page

SEO Friendly Post #2. Keywords Research

In this, you can use any Paid Keyword Research Tool, which will not only tell you about the competitor but will also provide you with the facility of keywords.

If you also want to know your competitor and want a list of Low Competition Keywords, then you can also share your email id with your website name.

I will personally email you and share the list of all your competitors related to Niche + as BONUS you are going to get a list of 100 Low Competition Keywords for free. All you have to do is the comment:

  1. Website Name
  2. Email ID

SEO Friendly Post #3. SERPs [ Search Engine Result Pages]

In this, you can go with SERP. SERP is basically a Search Engine Result Page that is shown by searching any term in Google.

What you have to do for this is that you have to search for any topic related to your niche or topic in Google.

Now all the result shows that will be in front of you… they are all your competitors, all the posts of different websites will be shown, they will all be your competitors.

Right now you can read their content analysis and reader comments by visiting those websites or posts.

Which will make it easy for you to find out what type of content the audience related to your niche likes.

From here you will get a direction as to which type of content you should write.

You can also use Quora to find out about the interest of your audience.

You have to go to the Quora website and follow Different-different Platforms [munches] there.

After that then whatever audience will be there in that munch… they will only question or answer related to that Niche or Topic.

Here the advantage becomes open for you that if you know the answer to any question, then you can answer it and you can also give a link to any of your particular posts at its bottom.

Due to which there will be Referral Traffic Increase on your website.

I have also given a lot of answers on quora… Maybe you have an answer to any of your questions, so make sure you follow me on Quora [Sandeep Quora ].

SEO Friendly Post #4. Make Amazing Headlines

If your post does not have a Compelling Headline, then there is a lot of chances that the readers will dislike your content and 99% may not click on your Headline.

If the headline itself is boring, then the question of the content consumption or sharing does not arise.

As human nature… our system is completely opposite, we judge any book by its cover and any blog post by its headline or title.

That is why the headline of your post is the most important factor behind success.

Next, I am giving you a link to a website, you can go to that website and analyze your headline and at the same time, this tool will also recommend [Headline Analyzer Tool ] the issues in your headline.

Apart from this, if you want to generate Headline, then you can generate a Headline from the website given below.

SEO Friendly Post #5. Use Subheadings and Short paragraphs

Formatting is a super important factor for SEO Friendly posts.

Nothing can be worse than that you are reading a blog post that is full of big paragraphs.

Most people think 100 times before reading the post in actuality, whether we should read this blog post or not.

Somewhere our time will not be wasted… if we do not get the answer to our questions in this content.

(All such questions are arising in the mind of a user.)

That’s why my suggestion to you would be to use Shorter Paragraphs in your post.

Along with this, you also have to remember that all types of content are not the same. Sometimes you are reading a book, then many blocks are normal in it.

But Blog Post is Different, they are created in a Highly Focused Way so that Quality Information can be provided in a Short Amount of Time.

In the other words… our audience is not going to sit and listen to War and Peace, they only want to know how to drive traffic, generate leads or generate more revenue.

So…organize your headings through your ideas in a good way and try as much as possible to keep the paragraphs short.

SEO Friendly Post #6. Use Bullet Points

As I have told you earlier that the reader looks at your post from top to bottom from 5 to 10 before actually reading it.

Therefore, to grab the attention of users, you have to create an Engaging or SEO Friedly Post.

To Create an Engaging or SEO Friendly Post, you have to highlight the main points of your post so that users can get the value of your content through its time.

So what can you do?

In such a situation, you can use bullet points along with subheadings because bullet points prove to be very effective to grab attention.

Next, I am sharing with you some tips on using Bullet Points, which you can use while creating SEO Friendly Post:

  • In Bullet Points, you tell the users about their Clear Benefit… because if a user has come to your post, then he has come thinking that maybe your post will provide value to him. That’s why you can also call Bullet Points as Mini headlines.
  • Keep your bullet points symmetrical like 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.
  • Avoid Bullet Clutter: Meaning that if you have started Bullet Points once, do not try to forcefully insert paragraphs between them.

Bullet Points are a great way to spoon-feed [explain] your readers that keeps them coming back to your site over and over again.

SEO Friendly Post #7. Add images

The human brain indexes visual content faster than text, so you can also use images in your post to write SEO friendly posts.

There are many websites on the Internet that provide you images for free such as:


But Honestly, I would suggest to you that either you click on Photos [images] yourself or create images yourself through any software or tool. So that later you do not have to go through the situation of copyright etc.

We also use for our blog and YouTube channel. You can also create very good images for your blog or YouTube channel from

Along with this, to give a crazy look to the post, also use the images below the subheadings etc. Even this will give an extra look to your post.

SEO Friendly Post #8. Optimize for SEO

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] can be difficult in the blogging world. On one hand, we should not do much on-page SEO keeping in mind the User Experience. On the other hand, we should not ignore SEO or On-Page SEO.

Meaning it is very important to maintain balance. The truth is that most websites drive organic traffic from Google to their website.

If you also want to improve the ranking of your website, then I would suggest that you optimize your website for maximum SEO ranking factors.

Following are some suggestions related to SEO, using which you can create SEO Friendly Post:

  • Add a proper meta title.
  • Add a proper meta description.
  • Content को Focus keyword के लिए optimize करें।
  • Use Related or LSI [ Latent Semantic Indexing ] keywords.
  • Use Internal Linking…etc

SEO Friendly Post #9. Add A Clear Call to Action

Now comes the last section of the post and here comes our last tip… whose name is Call To Action.

In the call to action, even if your readers are asked to comment or to share your blog post on social media handles.

Follow on social media or market your particular product. All you have to do is clearly tell your audience what you want to do for them.

A good call to action can sell your product by commenting on your blog. All you have to do is give Clear Call to Action to your users.

Normally Blogger will ask its readers to share the content. But apart from this, there are many options where you can try Call to Action.

As if:

  • You can give free Ebook to your readers.
  • Can give a list of 500+ or  1000+ Low Competition Keywords.

If you also want a list of Low Competition Keywords, then you can download the list of 1000+ Low Competition Keywords from our website Deepblogging for free.

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  • Now you have to wait for 10 to 15 seconds without touching anywhere. As soon as you wait for some time, a form like an image given in front of you will open.

After this form is open, all you have to do is click on “Yes, Get The List” and you will be asked to enter the email further.

As soon as you enter the email, the next form “Download The File” will open in front of you. Now all you have to do is click on the button “Download The File” and you will be able to easily download the keywords file.

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Last Thought

If you follow the above mentioned 5+ i.e. 7 points, then I say with guarantee that you will get to see more traffic or conversion than before.

Also, remember one thing always!

If you want more traffic, more conversion then you have to invest in premium software or tools.

Look now… instead of Yoast SEO, you can write SEO Friendly Post using Rank Math. But if you want to grow an Email List, then you have to purchase any Paid software.

In such a situation, if you want to do Blogging Generally, then you will have to invest in Hosting and a few Paid Plugins.

So Friends…This post is just that if you found this post informative…then do share it on your social media handles.

Bcz! Sharing is caring

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