All You Need To Know About AWS Solutions Architect Certification

The AWS solutions architect certification plays a very important role. When it comes to big data and cloud storage. Data storage and analytics are something that is running in the world in recent times. This AWS technology helps every small business to grow and reach a wider area of the world.

Importance of AWS solutions architect certification

AWS certification is a very well-known term in the world today. This certification prepares the candidates for data analytics. Their specific skills are improved and they are better prepared to take up AWS-related job roles. If you want to develop your career in a data-based job, the AWS solutions architect certification will propel you in that direction. The basic requirements for the AWS solutions architect certification are explained below.

AWS Certificate Exam

The AWS solutions architect certification is a specialized certificate. Candidates will hone their skills in the specific area of data analytics and big data. The AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialization exam is know. As the AWS Certified Big Data Specialization exam. If you want to have an accredited verification of your AWS certification. this certificate will be available for you.

Exam Requirements

There are no official minimum standards for taking the AWS exam. However, certain expertise in the field of data analytics will increase the chances of passing the certification exam. The recommended expertise and knowledge that will produce better results are.

  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the field of data analytics.
  • Have at least 2 years of hands-on experience working with AWS.
  • Acquire basic skills to improve your ability to build, design, maintain and secure data analytics using AWS.

AWS solutions architect certification Details

Also to understanding the areas test on the exam. You should understand all the formalities and information about the exam. Understanding the format and time limits will help prepare. is a wonderful platform for sharing thoughts.

The exam is administer in a multiple-choice format. Each candidate is require to report to the test center for the exam. The exam lasts 3 hours (180 minutes). It is available in four language options, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

The registration fee to take the exam is $300. Everyone who is interest in taking the AWS certification exam should keep these details in mind. Proper knowledge of these details will prepare them mentally for what will happen on the day of the exam.

Sections covered in the exam.

Data analytics is a huge topic. So candidates can prepare for the exam if they focus on the following areas rather than covering them all

Storage and management of data
This is an important part of the exam, as it is weighted at 22% of the exam.

Collection of data
This area accounts for 18% of the total questions on the AWS exam.

About 18% of the questions come from this section.

Data Processing
This section is a very important part of the exam. Approximately 24% of the questions on the exam come from this head.

Data Security
This section also accounts for 18% of the total questions on the exam.

 Candidates can refer to various samples and practice papers for better preparation. The AWS solutions architect certification also provide exam guide. Which is very handy for preparation. Remember to do practice questions to understand. Your strengths and weaknesses. Then practice them to stay confident on the day of the exam.
AWS solutions architect certification allows better professionals to become better at their job. One can choose high quality DAS-C01 study guides. And DAS-C01 sample questions for preparation. Always choose to give DAS-C01 practice exams to gain better insight and check. Your preparation for the DAS-C01 syllabus. LogiTrain also offers the Network+ Certification training with professional trainers.

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