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5 Factors of Selling a Home

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If you are thinking of selling your home then here are 5 Factors of Selling a Home. These five major factors to consider when selling a home.

Five major considerations should be taken into account when selling a house. These factors will have a significant impact on the final price of the property as well as how fast it sells and how much grief you experience during the sale.


It has been stated that the three most important things to consider when buying a property are (1) location, (2) location, and (3) location. Every location has its positive and negative aspects. Let’s say your property is next to a fire station.

The right marketing professional will be able to sell the benefits of your new home not being destroyed or the savings on insurance. No matter where your property is located, there will be a buyer. You don’t have to solve the “problems” of property location; a realtor can help you do it.

Your Realtor and the Company

Different Realtors work in different ways. Each Realtor will have a different approach to marketing your home. There are many options. Some may be as simple as listing your home on the MLS and hoping it sells. Others might use newspaper advertising or the Internet to actively market your home. If you choose a Realtor who meets these criteria, you will have a positive experience in Real Estate.

Personality. It is difficult to work with an agent that you do not like. He/she won’t be trustworthy and it will make the whole experience difficult. Your mind is full enough without you having to argue with your agent. It doesn’t matter how great an agent you are, if you don’t get along with each other it won’t be a pleasant experience.

Available. A full-time Realtor or a team of Realtors is essential to the sale of your house. Your Realtor may not be available to sell your home because he/she is “working a full-time job”. How committed are they to you?

Work ethics. A Realtor should be organized, professional and hardworking, just like any other professional in their lives. You’ve never seen a lawyer arrive for a case wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. A doctor might say, “I’m sorry. I can’t give your baby because of a 4:00 toff time.” What about an accountant who is unable to manage his own finances. The agent who represents you should demonstrate the same professionalism.

Your experience with a professional Realtor will be better


Are you flexible on possession dates? Are you able to show your property? Are you willing to negotiate appliances and other chattels? Your home will be more appealing to potential buyers if you are flexible. Many out-of-town buyers will not consider buying a home that isn’t flexible. Because they must put all their savings towards the down payment, first-time home buyers will often need to buy the appliances. They don’t know where they will find $3000 to purchase appliances.


A good first impression is key to selling a property. You can make your property more marketable by painting the trim and front door, making sure that the doorbell rings, organizing furniture and clothes, and cleaning out fridges and counter tops. Remember that pride of ownership and cleanliness will make you more money than dirt.


It is not enough to simply pick a number. This involves thorough analysis of the property. When determining the price of a property, many factors are taken into consideration. It is often the price that makes up the difference between any shortfalls in other factors. If your home is damaged by bad renters or is difficult to access, and is located between the dump and the airport then it will need to be priced accordingly. While price may be able to fix most problems, it is not always the best.

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It is crucial to find a Realtor who will tell you the truth about these issues. This could help you save several thousand dollars.

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