10 prevalent reasons-packaging materials have solid impact on sale of products

Product Packaging

The packaging of goods is important to be unique and attractive in order for them to sell more. The marketing department of any company have full focus on making sure that their packaging of goods reflects the latest trends. They are confident that this will help them sell more in comparison to other companies who do not focus as much attention towards it.

Product packaging is as important as the sale is important for brands. Product packaging increases brand awareness: There are millions of companies around us who sell same kind of products as ours do. But only a few are able to attract customers’ attention with their product branding techniques. Every time, consumers like appearance and feel of a product as well the packaging.

By creating a distinctive brand identity, you can gain attention from people and can be recognized easily in the market. Product packaging is a good advertising tool. When we go to shop for groceries or other daily needs, our eyes are always searching for something different within a particular category. So, when choosing material people prefer kraft packaging boxes than others. Because it has standard features including characteristics of every other material in it.

Here are the 10 basic reasons which shows impact of packaging on the sales of products in the market:

1. Product promotion-

The first purpose of any company in making sure that their product has a unique and attractive packaging is because they want it to stand out from the rest. This will give them an edge over others who do not have this kind of packaging. If a product is packaged in an attractive and unique way, the chances of it selling increase.

2. Protection of items-

The second purpose of packing material you can see in the markets which is to protect the products from dirt and water. For this reason, there are different types of packaging such as cartons for food items and plastic bags for others. The packaging has unique design to protect the goods from physical damage and exposure to dirt, moisture, dust particles etc. It also provides security against theft of products.

3. Packaging increases durability of goods

‘We need to put our products in the right packaging to win the market.’  It is said that around 80 per cent of consumers admit they would not purchase a product if it wasn’t packed in the right material. There are many reasons why consumer-packaging relationship works like this, which we will look at below.

4. Packaging aids marketing efforts

Many packaging materials are only labelled in the language of the country where they are to be sold. When multinational corporations look at localizing their products for sale, there is often a request by retail chains and independents. If this does not meet up the market requirement, it can lead to product return or exchange of other brands.

5. Packaging is a powerful advertisement

There are many instances of how packaging plays an important role in advertising. Some people may not know this, but there are times when billboards and other outdoor advertisements use online print ads as their medium. If you pay attention, you will see that these are actually one way to do this. If you want to encourage people to buy your product, there is really no better way than an advertisement on the package that comes with it.

6. Provide security to the products during shipment:

When a product needs to be shipped in bulk, it is essential for the merchandise to be kept safe during the entire process. There are several ways to do this, but having quality custom packaging materials will help you feel at ease when your shipment reaches its destination safely and unharmed.

7. Conveying information about weight or other things regarding products:

If you have ever bought a product that has the weight of something on one side, then you know how helpful that can be. Not everyone knows what different weights mean, so it is best to provide them with a guide so they do not buy something too heavy or too light.

When you are buying something, don’t be fooled by the weight. Sometimes you might think something is heavier than it actually is because of the way it’s packaged or how it was made. You shouldn’t rely on scales when making your purchase.

8. Competition of brands through packaging material:

There is a lot of competition in the market, and each brand wants to stand out.  The only way they can do this is by having unique packaging material so their product can be distinguished from others’. However, it should not go overboard because something flashy might turn away some customers.

9. Providing guidelines on how long products lasts for:

This is the main factor which drives sales.  If customers are not sure how long the product will last, they will be sceptical to buy it or even try it. If you have a guideline on how long products can last for, customers would know that their money is worth spending on your product.

10. Which material is best among the consumers for packaging:

Consumers are constantly evolving and looking for the best possible solution to problems. If you can take note of what they want, your product might become an overnight sensation. This is why it’s important that product marketing managers give due attention to consumer feedbacks and surveys because this will allow them to make decisions which helps everyone.


The packaging materials are a great indicator of the quality of products inside. Therefore, brands are very conscious about the packaging materials. They try to impress the customers with their classy and sleek packaging. The main reason for increasing demand of packaging box is its cost effectiveness. Alternative materials are more expensive as compared to casual material. So many brands forced to switch over from alternative materials to sustainable materials. This is the main factor of cost-effective packaging because people like to have quality packaging with less economy. Therefore, packaging is the only mode of product presentation. It helps to convey the message regarding the quality and type of product. Custom product box acts as a barrier between manufacturing defects and consumer goods

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